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I have an array, let's call it $menus, that contains something like this:

    [Main] => Array (
        [menu_name] => Main
        [title] => Main Menu
    [Nav] => Array (
        [menu_name] => Navigation
        [title] => Navigation Menu
    [Custom] => Array (
        [menu_name] => User Custom Menu
        [title] => My Menu

...and so forth.

I need to create a new array that contains only a list of menu names. So if I were going to get, say, just the Nav menu's name, I'd do

$module_menu_name = $menus [Nav][menu_name];

and now $module_menu_name = "Navigation", right?

But how do I get the menu_name of each item in an associative array?

Something like:

$menu_names = Array();
foreach($menus as $menu){
    $module_menu_names[] => ???['menu_name'];

... and this is where I get stuck. What do I put where those question marks are? Is this even the right way to build this array?

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Assigning them to a new array is fine, but what exactly do you want to do with the menu_names? – billyonecan May 15 '12 at 14:05
I want to supply the list to a form to offer them as options for checkboxes. – beth May 15 '12 at 14:12
this is why php needs to create a function called array_pluck(), but they dont want to. – goat May 15 '12 at 15:10
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$menu_names = Array();
foreach($menus as $menu){
    $menu_names[] = $menu['menu_name'];

Like this?

In your foreach, $menu returns the 2nd-level arrays. To access the 'menu_name', just get that value of the 2nd-level array and put it into your $menu_names array.

Note: I changed your $module_menu_names array to $menu_names, since it seemed like that's what you want to do. If not, just change $menu_names inside the foreach loop to $module_menu_names.

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you need this.

$array = array();
foreach($menus as $menu) {
    $array['nav']['menu_name'][] = $menu['menu_name'];

since there will be multiple menus in your array you can call the menus like this

//this will return the first menu in an array
$module_menu_name = $array['nav']['menu_name'][0];

change the numeric index number and you can get the desired menu from the array.

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$menu_names = Array();
foreach($menus as $menu){
    $menu_names[] = $menu['menu_name'];
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