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I want to use profiler4j to profile my simple java program which call 2 methods. I would be interested in call graph view. I followed following link to run the profiler.


when I try to run the profiler by

java -javaagent:profiler4j-1.0-beta2/agent.jar test/MainController

I get the output as shown in the tutorial link. but I have to press ctrl+c to come to the prompt again.(I use linux) Then I try to run the console.jar to view the output produced.

java -jar profiler4j-1.0-beta2/console.jar

but I don't see ANYTHING in the output. Can anybody tell me what I am doing wrong ? I would really appreciate any help.


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Profiler4j is quite old project. There is now JVisualVM included with JDK since Java 6 and it has an excellent profiler.

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