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I have a site that displays other sites through an iframe on certain pages. It does this in order to display a toolbar that is relevant to the reader (like Facebook and Owly does). However, when the user chooses to leave the original site I want the bar to go away. As you might gather, I don't control the sites in the iframe, and they're on another domain than the iframing page.

I tried target="_parent" on the <iframe>, no luck. Then I tried various scripting solutions, but they all fail due to the same domain restriction. My last try was to have a timeout check for changes in the iframe URL, but iframe.contentWindow.location.href is restricted when page is on another domain (unlike the object iframe.contentWindow.location which I found a bit weird).

Any solutions to this problem? I know iframes aren't the hottest thing around, but they do the job in this case.

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No solutions.

The only way to get a link to open in the top frame is to have access to the link itself. As you observed, the same origin policy prevents JS from outside the frame accessing it.

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Try target=_top That should open the page in the full body of the window.

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Christian said "I don't control the sites in the iframe", so how could he add that? – Quentin Jun 29 '09 at 20:26
You said you had tried target=_parent, so forgive me. You could try embedding the HTML base tag (<base target=_top />). It goes in the head of the doc so you would have to intercept the HTML and add it using Javascript for each iFrame doc. – MystikSpiral Jun 29 '09 at 20:30
He said the HTML is on a different domain. It can't be intercepted with JS. – Quentin Jun 29 '09 at 20:39

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