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I want to create a script that automatically unzips music albums and creates a new directory for them on Windows 7.

I'd also want the script to compare file metadata to data pulled from a certain music site to ensure the ID3 tags are filled with accurate data.

Would something like Powershell be sufficient? I'd just love a finger pointed in the right direction.

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DotNetZip will allow you to do this from PowerShell. It is not a one-liner, but the library will allow you to write the PowerShell script you need.

Tag lib wille allow you to play with ID3Tag. Example :

[Reflection.Assembly]::LoadFrom( (Resolve-Path ".\taglib-sharp.dll") )
$media = [TagLib.File]::Create("C:\Users\Joel\Music\Audity\The Language I Think In-Music of My Heart.ogg")
# Write out the current album name
# Set the album name to the name of the directory
$media.Tag.Album = ([IO.FileInfo]$media.Name).Directory.Name
# Save the new album name into the file
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That seems to be what I need. Time to play around. Thank you! –  user701847 May 15 '12 at 17:48

You could download 7zip for your unzipping purposes. The following command can be used to unzip the album:

7z.exe x -oOutputDir AlbumArchive(.zip, .rar, .7z, etc)

I'm not too familiar with the ID3 checkers and whatnot, so I'll defer to another for that part of your question.

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Yeah I plan to use 7zip anyways. Didn't even think about parameters for it...guess that solves WHERE to put the output directory. Thanks for the input though. –  user701847 May 15 '12 at 17:46

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