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Let's assume that we have a table, Product

| id|  name| status | expiry_date  |
| 1 |   A  | Good   | 10 min ago   | <-- this supposed to be "Expired"
| 2 |   B  | Good   | 10 min later | 

My question is how to set the status of id 1 to "Expired" because it expiry date is passed.

I usually did this with cron task. However, reading entire table to find few rows are not efficient I think, and furthermore, a cron task does not update status until its interval comes.(i.e. 10min, 20min.. etc)

Is there any way to trigger an immediate process when a time is met, so that I can update its status as soon as possible?

Hope my question is clear.

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you can create a scope stackoverflow.com/questions/5456278/… –  Tiago Peczenyj May 15 '12 at 14:54

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If you imply a controller's action in which you would like to do the update, you can do the following:

Product.where(["expire_date < ?", ->{ Time.now.utc - 10.minutes }.call]).update_all(:status, 'Bad')

Updated. OR if you only would like to update a single product with a given ID:

product = Product.find(params[:id])

if product.expire_date < Time.now.utc - 10.minutes
  product.status = 'Bad'
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