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My question is as the title? how to return internal structure from template class?

template<class TYPE3>
class MyClass

    typedef struct MyNode_type {
        int Key;
        TYPE3 Data;


    MyNode *m_Root;

    //=== My Question is Here =====/
    MyClass<TYPE3>::MyNode *getRootNode() {
        return m_Root;


i want to return m_Root from getRootNode function but i don't know how to define its type so i can use like: MyClass::MyNode *rootnode = cls.getRootNode();

Thank you for the help! ..

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When you do MyClass<int>::MyNode that would correctly resolve to the internal structure type. However, when you do MyClass<TYPE3>::MyNode where TYPE3 is a template parameter you need to let the compiler know that you are referring to a type by inserting typename:

typename MyClass<TYPE3>::MyNode* getRootNode() ...

Also, lose that typedef struct, this is C++ not C.

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You can use typdefs

in your template:

typedef typename MyClass<TYPE3>::MyNode NodeType;


MyClass<TYPE3>::NodeType* pNode = cls.getRootNode();
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