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I have a web application. I need the web application to be able to call functions on the client. Assume I am able to have the client call into the server to establish a connection.

I have been looking into different ways to do this. One way is using Comet Programming I would really prefer the server to be able to call the methods directly instead of sending messages though.

Is there a built in Java way of doing this? Or is there some other way this can be achieved?

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It sounds like Java RMI might well be exactly what you're looking for.

Have a read over the official documentation.

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GWT (google web toolkit) can do this, check:

But I never use this. I always do pooling from client to server like

   resp = ask_for_something();
   if (resp.has_something_to_do) { do_something(/* resp.action_or_etc */); }

but in javascript context you can use setInterval and ajax with timeout

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