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I want to filter a list of entities that I am fetching from a database.

In fact, I should be getting only 1 entity back and I want to make sure its category is one of the allowed ones.

What's the best way to filter?

My first thought was to do something along the line of :

Dim allowedCat As List(Of Guid) = New List(Of Guid)

Dim communications = communicationService.fetchCommunications(idComm)

resultatComm = communications.Resultat.Where(function(x) x.idCategorie in allowedCat)

Of course, it doesn't work and I'm having issue finding documentation on that "Where".

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Note that a HashSet(Of Guid) would give better performance. – SLaks May 15 '12 at 15:19
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VB.Net doesn't have an in operator like that.

Instead, check allowedCat.Contains(x.idCategoie).

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