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I have an mvc app(multi tenant) in wild card domain configured iis. I would like to configure each sub domain as cname entry for different customer domains.

now the problem is when the request comes from customer domains i have no way to find out who is the customer as i used to do it by checking the sub domain name.

so, the question is: is it still possible to get the original sub domain names while the request is from cname?

am i missing something?

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All website requests ultimately just use IP address. Once the client-server connection is made the client specifies the name of the original host that they are trying to contact. Whether the host is a CNAME or A doesn't really come into it, that's all DNS work which is abstracted away from HTTP and the browser itself.

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Check the Host header, required as of HTTP/1.1, which includes the hostname and port being requested by the client (browser).


RFC2616 Section 14.23: Host

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