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I have a install4j project and want to make a project.

There is a libs-folder within my setup, where all my jars are packaged:


The alien.jar is a additional file, not created from my setup. if I deliver a update with a packages libs-folder the alien.jar get deleted and I don't understand why.

There is a DeleteFilesAction before the InstallFilesAction, which has a filter that all alien.jar weon't be deleted. If I make a MessageBox after my DeleteFilesAction, the


still exists.

When the InstallFileAction starts, the complete libs-Folder seems to be deleted.

I beleave there are configuration flags, which I don't know.

Question: How do I delete the complete libs-folder, expect the alien.jar?

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The installer does not delete any files unless you have an "Uninstall previous installation" action. And even that can only delete files that have been installed by a previous installer. The only way this file can be deleted by install4j is via a "Delete files or directories" action. Please check for more instances of that action in your project and disable all those actions to see if they are the problem. – Ingo Kegel May 17 '12 at 9:52
OK, I found my Problem. I am deleting the libs directory with a DeleteFilesAction. Hoy can I delte all files in that folder but not the folder itself with that action? (I know I can simply delete it within Java, but I'd prefer the install4j - API because of the delayed deletion ad reboot-option.) – Christian Kuetbach May 21 '12 at 6:59

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I think it is not possible with an DeleteFilesAndDirectory-Action to delete all (unknown) files within a directory.

I used a Action where <install-dir>/libs is provided as folder to be deleted. I provided a filter-Script for filenames (the alien.jar had a return value "false" the rest shozuld be deleted). But the action deletes the libs-dir as well. I think it works as designed, so it is not a bug.

For all peope with the same Problem a workarround or soultion:

com.install4j.runtime.installer.helper.fileinst.FileInstaller fi = com.install4j.runtime.installer.helper.fileinst.FileInstaller.getInstance();

File directory = new File(context.getInstallationDirectory(), "/libs");

File[] filesInLib = directory.listFiles();

for(File file:filesInLib){
   boolean shouldDelete= true;

       Util.logInfo(null,"dexchange detected: " + file.getName());
       shouldDelete= false;

   Util.logInfo(null,"Delete " + file.getAbsolutePath() + ": " +reval);

      if (file.exists()) {
          Util.logInfo( null, "delete file: " + file);

return false;

At Ingo Kegel: Thanks for your help, I didn't want to open a support ticket, because I was quite sure it is no bug in you product. But I think another checkbox "delete if not empty" would help a lot in the DeleteFilesOrDirectory Action.

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Thank you, I've added this to our issue tracker – Ingo Kegel May 21 '12 at 8:56

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