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I use Sublime Text 2 but it won't let me enter any value when my code asks for user input. (In other words: input() in Python and gets in Ruby fail to correctly prompt me for input).

Python throws an EOFError error (what you get when user doesn't enter anything).

Simply USER INPUT isn't working in Sublime Text 2 for me.


    text = input('Enter something: ')
    print text
except EOFError:

=> Enter something: #cannot enter anything to var "text"
=> EOFError
=> [Finished]
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Sublime text doesn't support that. But you can get around it (at least in python) by using SublimeREPL, I use this for everything, it works pretty great. Its a little cooky though, as the tab is still editable like a normal sublime tab (which is good and bad)...

It also allows you to run the interpreter in multiple tabs, its basically awesome.

To install it you need package control this lets you easily install plugins. To get it go here, and follow the instructions. Once thats done:

  • in Sublime press ctrl + shift + P (linux command in ST for 'goto anything').
  • Type in 'install',
  • click on 'sublime package control: install package'.
  • Then select SublimeREPL. It will install it automatically.
  • To use it go to Tools>sublimerepl>python from the menus.
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@pnemi - updated with instructions. you'll like package control, it gives you access to a heap of handy plugins. – fraxel May 15 '12 at 16:58
@pnemi - once you've installed it, goto view>layout>rows:2, this splits the screen. Then goto ` Tools>sublimerepl>python>python` this opens the new interpreter window, which you can then drag to the bottom view. – fraxel May 15 '12 at 17:13
@pnemi - I guess its quite a personal taste thing. I've used a bunch of other editors, but I had issues with all of them. Pycharm is quite contemporary, and had quite a good feel, but i don't know if it does ruby... Or you could use a more basic editor and shell combo.. I suggest sticking with ST2, its worth it! Good luck regardless ;) – fraxel May 15 '12 at 17:32
But it's not working on pressing ctrl+B, I had to go the the tools>>options , Python - run current file. How to make it run automatically? – User Oct 21 '15 at 14:49
I am wondering the same thing @user . If there is a way to hook this up automatically – SandBag_1996 Feb 3 at 22:40

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