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I have a Rails 3 application, and I need to access a user's Fusion Table using OAuth 2.0. I am not using OAuth in the app for user authentication, we have our own users database managed with devise.

I have been looking around, and it seems that there is only one library for handling Fusion Tables API. However, this library only supports Authlogic and user/pass login, not OAuth, as it inherits from the GData gem.

There is a google library for Ruby that handles OAuth, but it does not abstract Fusion Tables behaviour.

I have also found a Rails-specific gem that also handles OAuth, as well as an omniauth strategy for google oauth2.

My question is: has anyone had any experience with any of these libraries? Which ones would you recommend?

Thank you!

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Sorry I haven't had experience with these, but I might start looking at them, as I am keen to explore fusiontables/rails integration. I'm confused about the best approach - should data be left in fusiontables, replicated in Rails, or kept just in Rails? I guess ultimately I'm wondering what's the advantage of FusionTables integation - aren't we all better off with just Gmap/RoR integration? What are you hoping to get from FusionTables that you don't get from Gmap/RoR? – Sam Joseph Feb 13 '13 at 12:52

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