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I am using following code to get the path of the service...

 string ServicePath = string.Format("Win32_Service.Name=\"{0}\"", "MyService");
 var WMiObject = new ManagementObject(ServicePath);
 string PathName = (string)WMiObject.GetPropertyValue("PathName");

Now if the service is not available then the call wmiObject.getPropertyValue("PathName") will throw the ManagementException..

In my case i need to assign the HardCoded path if the service is not available.. How to achieve that?? Please guide...

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You could probably use a try block around your WMiObject.GetPropertyValue call and assign the constant value in the catch block.

string PathName;
    PathName = (string)WMiObject.GetPropertyValue("PathName");
catch (ManagementException)
    PathName = "my constant path value";
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string Name = "MyService";
ServiceController service = ServiceController
                        .Where(s => s.ServiceName == Name).FirstOrDefault();

if(null != service)
    // service exists
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