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I have a table with two decimal(18,0) fields.

I am inserting into this table, two decimal values. For example, 1.11

When I select from the table (with no casts), I get 1.

I'm losing all percision and I have no clue why.

insert into TEST values (153, 'test', 'test', 1, 1, 1.11, 1.11)

Select * from TEST and they are 1 and 1 instead of 1.11,1.11

Any Ideas?

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wow I feel like a dufus. Thanks –  bladefist Jun 29 '09 at 20:59

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When you declare a field as decimal(18,0), you are saying that you want 0 digits of precision after the decimal point. You're going to want to define those columns as decimal(18,2) (or however many digits of precision you desire) in order to maintain a value of 1.11.

Refer to the MSDN page on decimal and numeric types for the grisly details.

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Try changing to type decimal(9,2)

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Maybe try creating the columns as


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Define the Precision to Decimal every time else it stores only int values not Decimal values

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