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I'm trying to get the correct start date for events that were not created by me. I understood how facebook saves events starting and ending date ( Can someone expalin me how facebook stores the start and end time of events?) and i understood that i need to know my timezone to get the correct starting date in UTC, but what about other events?How do i get the timezone of the user who created the event using fql or the graph api?Is there a way? I'm using the php SDK.
This is the code i use to get events

            $fql = "SELECT 
                        eid IN (SELECT eid FROM event_member WHERE uid = $id)" ;
            $events = $facebook->api( array(
                'method' => 'fql.query',
                'query' => $fql,
            ) );
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Timezone seems to be restricted to the current user only.

However, you should be able to get the owner->id of the event. If the owner is a user (person) then you can get the location->id which may yield a lat\long from the place or the location->name. In either case you still need to do a look up on the location to match it to a timezone.

Also, the location information might not be available unless your access token has friends_location permissions.

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