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I got this piece of advice from a book I am reading. It's the first time I came across this and if it's true it means many reputable sites I know about are missing out, as well as Google itself being less intelligent than it's supposed to be, what do you think?

Advice from book: "You can do this quickly by setting up your permalinks within your wordpress admin. Under settings on the left you’ll find a link called permalinks. Now most wordpress SEO tutorials tell you to just put in %postname% which will create static URL’s for your posts and pages that look like this www.yourdomain.com/mycoolpost/ but you can go one step further and put in /%postname%.html. This will create URL’s that look like this www.yourdomain.com/ mycoolpost.html. This is important because it brings your content to the root of your site and not in a subdirectory. For SEO the closer your content is to the root of your domain the better. It is seen as more important by search engines then if your content is burried a few subdirectories deep"

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I would not rely on any tricks in a book. Google is fickle, and changes the rules without notice. If you want google to show you for certain terms, then make sure you have good content related to those terms. –  captncraig May 15 '12 at 16:26

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I'd call b¥ll s&%t on that.

Search engines pay more attention to what pages link to each other, so depth in links can be bad.

Some people gauge this potential issue by the number of links from the home page (root) a page is. I think this person has miss understood that to being depth in folders and not links.

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