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I have an Axis2 aar file, buried within that aar file I have a jar file containing my compiled classes, one of which I'd like to replace.

This is a simplified version of what I have

MyService.aar contains :


JarJarBinks.jar contains :


I want to replace TheForce.class, the only mechanism that springs to mind, without rebuilding everything is :

  1. List item
  2. Unjar the aar file
  3. Pull out JarJarBinks.jar
  4. Unjar JarJarBinks.jar
  5. Replace TheForce.class with my updated copy
  6. Jar up JarJarBinks, and place it back in the extracted aar layout
  7. Jar up the aar file

I could create a bash script to automate this, but I'm wondering if there is a more cleaner / quicker way.

I've found the update option of jar u but I don't believe it works for nested artefacts.


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