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I know when certain commits were created (at remote A, say) based on their log messages. What I don't know is when remote B fetched and merged said revision. I need it to determine when a bug crept in.

Is this possible through Git?

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If this is fetch, try git reflog --date=local, see http://stackoverflow.com/a/3748722/88442 . if it have a local merge, a git log would do.

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I think all answers are good here, but reflog got me what I wanted. Thanks all! –  mtrc May 15 '12 at 17:47

Assuming that you have fetched the remote, you can simply check what branches on the remote contain the commit by doing:

 git branch -r --contains <commit-SHA> | grep origin

You'll see the branches on the remote (change origin to the appropriate name) that contain the commit, or no output if none.

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Logs are kept in ".git/logs". You're probably interested in ".git/logs/HEAD" on the checkout you're interested in. These logs contain pulls, checkouts, commits, etc., along with the time they occurred.

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