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I have the following rules:

/*The structure of a subject teaching team takes the form: 
  team(Subject, Leader, Non_management_staff, Deputy). 
 Non_management_staff is a (possibly empty) list of teacher 
structures and excludes the teacher structures for Leader and 
teacher structures take the form:  
 teacher(Surname, Initial,  
   Assume that each teacher has his or her team's Subject as their  
 main subject.*/  



 [ ], 


I am supposed to bring back the initial and surname of any leader in a team that contains a total of 2 or more teachers with ict as their second subject.

I am new to prolog so unsure of this. Also, I have gotten back the results correctly but it is being returned 3 times.

Any help on this would be greatly appreciated.

Also, my aplogies if this is terribly easy.

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You didn't provide the code you use to find these teachers, so I can't say for sure, but if there were a team with 3 members w/ ict as their second subject (for example, computer_science), then there would be 3 ways to find 2 (AB, AC, and BC), which would explain your multiple results. But saying how to modify your code to fix that would require seeing the code to be fixed.

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answer(Name, Init) :- team(, Lead, Staff, Dep), Lead = teacher(Name, Init, _), Person = teacher(, , profile(, ict, )), member(Person, [Lead, Dep | Staff]), member(teacher(,, profile(, ict, _)), [Lead, Dep | Staff]). – Christopher 'Biki' McNeill May 16 '12 at 7:59

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