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First of all, I would like to say that I'm a newbie in Java3D. Please bear with my ignorance. I have made an application with Java3D and I have the following problems with zooming.

  1. It seems the MouseWheelZoom behaviour of Java3D moves the object along Z-axis. On the scene my Z-axis is not out of plane so by using MouseWheelZoom , the object doesn't get closer but it get out of screen. Is there a way to set the zoom direction to an arbitrary direction?

  2. I have got around the problem by using MouseWheelListener and changing the viewing platform based on zoom steps. But there is another problem now. As the object gets closer than a certain distance, some parts of the object ( usually the corners) start disappearing so I can't zoom as much as I desire.

Could you please help ?



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  1. Question: I guess you use an OrbitBehavior for MouseControl like:

    orbit = new OrbitBehavior(canvas3d, OrbitBehavior.REVERSE_ALL);

If that is the case then try


To reverse the zoom direction (the default zoom factor is +1d).

To your 2. Question: You have to set a BoundingLeaf on your PlatformGeometry to encapsulate your "viewing area". Try something like this

defaultBounds = new BoundingSphere(new Point3d(radiusGameMap, 0.0, radiusGameMap),
            radiusGameMap * 6.0d);
BoundingLeaf boundingLeaf = new BoundingLeaf(defaultBounds);
PlatformGeometry platformGeom = new PlatformGeometry();

where radiusGameMap is a double defining the radius of your whole map.

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