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I need a 'custom selection model' for GWT CellTable. One of the columns in CellTable is a Checkbox column.

Basic rquirements (both work in solution below):
- Row click (not on checkbox), selects that row and un-selects all other rows.
- Checkbox selection should select/un-select that row only.

Following is the code I am using, but its very very slow. Any guidance would be appreciated.

final SelectionModel<T> selectionModel = new MultiSelectionModel<T>();
                new DefaultSelectionEventManager.CheckboxEventTranslator<T>() {
                    public SelectAction translateSelectionEvent(CellPreviewEvent<T> event) {
                        SelectAction action = super.translateSelectionEvent(event);
                        if (action.equals(SelectAction.IGNORE)) {
                            return SelectAction.TOGGLE;
                        return action;

Following is the code snipped for CheckColumn callback.

Column<T, Boolean> checkColumn = new Column<T, Boolean>(
    new CheckboxCell(true, false))
            public Boolean getValue(T t)
                // Get the value from the selection model.
                return selectionModel.isSelected(t);
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I have put in a KeyProvider for the CellTable and its not slow anymore. :)

ProvidesKey<T> keyProvider = new ProvidesKey<T>() {
    public Object getKey(T t) {
        return tip == null? null : tip.getId();
dataTable = new CellTable<T>(PAGE_SIZE, keyProvider);
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You could just whitelist your checkbox

int checkboxColumn = 0;
DefaultSelectionEventManager.createCustomManager(new DefaultSelectionEventManager
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Thanks for the input. This doesn't solve the problem. Checkbox don't even select that row now and Click on the row has no effect. –  AM01 May 16 '12 at 16:03

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