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I am setting up Android 2.3.3 emulator to start doing Android programming. I!

Following are the parameters I set up for the AVD

I have installed Android SDK, ADT plugin in Eclipse Indigo. When I tried to execute a hello world program in my eclipse, the emulator started, and then a black screen with "Android_" was shown. None of the buttons on the emulator worked nor my program ran.

I am new to Android programming and following the book "Beginning Android™ Application Development" to write my Hello World program. Please help.

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Give it time. Open the Logcat (Window -> Show View -> Other -> Logcat) and you'll see the "phone" is starting up. Usually takes about a minute or so, depends on your machine.

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Try starting the emulator through AVD Manager and wait for a few minutes. You can check progress in Devices view of DDMS which will give you an idea if the emulator will start or not. If problem persists try starting the emulator with user data wiped.

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