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I've been struggling for two hours on a small homework I would like to do. I have to create a program that reverses phrases.

For example: when I write hello guys, I want syug olleh

This is what I have for the moment but I don't know how to reverse the characters in the board phraseT:

program reversing    
implicit none    

write(*,*)"write a phrase  :"    
nomT(1:20)=" " 

do i=1,x    
end do

end program reversing
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One simple way to do it ...

character(80) :: string = "Whatttt's up doc?"
character     :: temp
integer       :: i, length

write (*,*) string    ! Writes it out proper.
  length = len_trim(string) ! ignores trailing blanks. 
                            ! use len(string) to reverse those as well
  do i = 1, length/2
     temp = string(i:i)
     string(i:i) = string(length+1-i:length+1-i)
     string(length+1-i:length+1-i) = temp
  end do
write(*,*) string     ! Writes it out backwards.

Others will come up with more intelligent ones (and shorter) for sure.

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Thx it's help already a lot. – Sensolibertaire May 15 '12 at 17:40

Here's a shorter way to do it:

forall (i=1:len(string)) string(i:i) = string(len(string)-i+1:len(string)-i+1)

It even saves a handful of bytes ! I'm not sure I'd suggest this was more intelligent though.

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