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I'm curious to know if meteor can be connected to or display the contents of RDBMS, such as mysql. I have a database that is constantly changing and, if I can use meteor as a web server for the fronted, then it will be great.



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From http://docs.meteor.com

You can substitute another database for MongoDB by providing a server-side database driver and/or a client-side cache that implements an alternative API. The mongo-livedata is a good starting point for such a project.

So, it is possible. Right now, there is no mention of any RDBMS in meteor project, someone might have started such project/plugin. Or you can implement it based on mongo-livedata implementation.

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https://github.com/drorm/meteor-sql is an implementation of livedata for mysql. It's only just been released so it might still contain a few bugs but I think you will find it up there as a viable option.

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I see this question is a bit old. Meteor is now at 1.0.1. One of the notable changes since this question was asked is that Meteor how has the ability to tail the Mongodb OpLog. This makes subscriptions truly instant real-time. Prior implementation used 10 second poll and diff. So, yes there are projects to develop drivers for alternative databases but if they do not have the equivalent of OpLog then it will not be real-time.

SQL support is on the roadmap but still far off, not until 1.1+ https://twitter.com/meteorjs/status/399904048683290625

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Mysql can definitely be used instead of mongoDB, but making the app reactive with a mysql backend might be tricky.

I did find this talk on the subject: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EJzulpXZn6g

That might make your solution easier.

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