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Main issue is that I'm developing an app for Android and iOS but can't seem to find the correct .js file for iOS.. I don't have Xcode or anything either :\

I think this might be in development but in the past (a year ago) when I started using phonegap I would include one phonegap.js file and build would compile it for multiple differnt platforms. Now it seems that I have to have the correct cordova.js file and I'm having trouble doing so.

Is there some sort of a "universal" .js file that I can use?

How would a windows user use Build to produce an iOS application?

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I found that if you're using the phonegap build service you can simply include phonegap.js (and you don't need to download anything) and the cloud takes care of it for you.

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does this still work for you ? you just reference cordova.js and it works? – Blowsie Aug 14 '12 at 15:45

There has never been a universal phonegap.js each platform has always had it's own version of phonegap.js. Because of the move to Apache the file is now cordova.js.

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so how would you use build? It seems I was able to get it to work by just using "phonegap.js" (which isn't even something I actually downloaded) but the Build service did it for me? – mkirkpatrick May 16 '12 at 6:07

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