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In airbrake controller this code works (gives notification) rescue => ex Airbrake.notify but

rescue => ex

Doesn't give a any airbrake notification.how to make notify_airbrake(ex) to work

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You're probably testing that in your development environment. Add this to your airbrake.rb and it should work.

config.development_environments = []

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The implementation of notify_airbrake ignores local request. So if you try to use this method in development you're out of luck. No matter what you've defined in your Airbrake config.

So you could set consider_all_requests_local = false, which is properly not what you want.

Instead you can use airbrake_request_data to get the same result if you don't want to pick the params by yourself.

rescue => ex
  Airbrake.notify(ex, airbrake_request_data)
  redirect_to root_url

Hope this helps!

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it matters, notify_airbrake checks if the current environment is inside Airbrake::Configuration.development_environments. if you put development_environments to empty array, it will send the notification no matter what. we have also changed the implementation of Airbrake::ControllerMethods#notify_airbrake to check for ignored agents. That will be released in 3.1.7. –  shime Dec 13 '12 at 19:29

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