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Process-A writes bytes to a data-file using FileOutputStream. Process-B reads from the same data-file using DataInputStream.

The data-file resides on a NFS mount that doesn't support FileLocks so following approach is used:

Process-A creates a lock file to inform Process-B that it can start reading the data file. It creates the lock file after it flushes and closes the FileOutputStream. Process-B checks if the lock file exists and then starts reading the data-file. However, sometimes it encounters EOFException.

Can someone explain, what is going wrong? Also, is there any other alternative approach given that i can't use FileLock api?

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maybe you can show the code that you use to write to and read from those streams? – Pavel Veller May 15 '12 at 18:42
I didnt paste any code because its the standard file i/o code using fileoutputstream and datainputstream, nothing out of hte ordinary. Only done in 2 different processes. – Debajyoti Roy May 15 '12 at 18:47
Possible duplicate of EOFException - how to handle? – Raedwald Mar 25 at 17:32

Nothing is going wrong. You have reached the end of the stream. The peer has closed his end of the connection. Close your end and forget about it.

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