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I'm trying to add a link to a basic MvcScaffolding project that outputs all data from a IQueryable interface. The controllers are built with Scaffold Controller Sales -Repository and have nothing out of the ordinary in the Sale class, just a few strings and some integers. Everything in the project works as expected.

From posts I've found, LINQtoCSV could be a possible solution for me ( Unfortunately, I don't know what to add. If I have a link on the index page of /Sales/ that points to /Sales/CSV/, how can prompt the user with "Download or Open"?

I also saw this page ( that tells how to build a Web API, but I cannot use MVC 4 per company standards.

The code I currently have in SalesController.cs is the following (which errors with [DirectoryNotFoundException: Could not find a part of the path 'C:\...\Sales\CSV\LINQtoCSV.CsvContext'.]):

    // GET: /Sales/CSV/
    public FilePathResult CSV()
        List<Sale> dataRows = saleRepository.All.ToList();

        CsvFileDescription outputFileDescription = new CsvFileDescription
            SeparatorChar = '\t', // tab delimited
            //EnforceCsvColumnAttribute = false,
            FirstLineHasColumnNames = true, // no column names in first record
            FileCultureName = "en-US" // default is the current culture
        CsvContext cc = new CsvContext();


        return File(cc.ToString(), "text/csv");

EDIT: Modified code to create list from repository and output using File().

EDIT: This is the modified code that I'm using. In the model, I'm building the string with a joined list. The controller code is as follows:

    public FileStreamResult CSV3()
        MemoryStream output = new MemoryStream();
        StreamWriter writer = new StreamWriter(output);
        saleRepository.All.ToList().ForEach(s => writer.WriteLine(s.ToStringCSV));

        output.Position = 0;

        return File(output, "text/csv", "report.csv");
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Maybe you need to use the FileResult class? See also How to create file and return it via FileResult in ASP.NET MVC?

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Thank you. The final code that I used was added above. – tommy_o May 16 '12 at 19:47

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