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As the question suggests: how does a segue create the destination controller? To be specific, which method gets called? I want to init another ViewController from a nib when a segue creates him. How do I accomplish that?

Thanks a lot

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Short answer: initWithCoder: is called.

Longer answer (from apple's docs on UIViewController):

If your app uses a storyboard to define a view controller and its associated views, your app never initializes objects of that class directly. Instead, view controllers are either instantiated by the storyboard—either automatically by iOS when a segue is triggered or programmatically when your app calls the storyboard object’s instantiateViewControllerWithIdentifier: method. When instantiating a view controller from a storyboard, iOS initializes the new view controller by calling its initWithCoder: method instead. iOS automatically sets the nibName property to a nib file stored inside the storyboard.

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