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I have a complex maven project in IntelliJ and I wan't to use JRebel in it to speed up development time. The project is composed this way:




            erp-web **

The names in bold are just pom projects, the normals are the projects with code... The project erp-web is the war project. I've configured the JRebel plugin in ERP-HM project this way:


In IntelliJ I've configured the project like JRebel wizard tell:

IntelliJ JRebel configuration

EDITED: added jrebel log

-------- HEADER --------
JVM_ID 43ce9d1ce623bd1d7995a6d2c715000b
JVM_STARTED 1337341646006
LOG_STARTED 1337341646178
-------- EOF HEADER --------
[2012-05-18 08:47:26.187] Rebel properties loaded from /home/hudson/.IntelliJIdea11/config/plugins/jr-ide-idea/lib/jrebel/conf/jrebel.properties:

[2012-05-18 08:47:26.196] Found a license file: /home/hudson/.jrebel/jrebel.lic
[2012-05-18 08:47:26.271] License information: {uid=ffc12cd3-d035-4576-871d-0e92fd9c38e5, Name=Hudson Assumpção, limited=true, GeneratedOn=Tue May 15 14:36:55 BRT 2012, Email=brevleq@gmail.com, Seats=1, Product=JRebel, limitedFrom=Sun May 13 14:36:55 BRT 2012, override=false, Organization=Gep, limitedUntil=Thu Jun 14 14:36:55 BRT 2012}
[2012-05-18 08:47:26.282] Now: Fri May 18 08:47:26 BRT 2012 Sun May 13 14:36:55 BRT 2012 Thu Jun 14 14:36:55 BRT 2012
[2012-05-18 08:47:26.282]  JRebel 4.6.2 (201205021440)
[2012-05-18 08:47:26.283]  (c) Copyright ZeroTurnaround OU, Estonia, Tartu.
[2012-05-18 08:47:26.283] 
[2012-05-18 08:47:26.290]  Over the last 1 days JRebel prevented 
[2012-05-18 08:47:26.290]  at least 0 redeploys/restarts saving you about 0 hours.
[2012-05-18 08:47:26.290] 
[2012-05-18 08:47:26.291]  This product is licensed to Hudson Assumpção (Gep) 
[2012-05-18 08:47:26.298]  until June 14, 2012
[2012-05-18 08:47:26.298] 
[2012-05-18 08:47:26.299] *************************************************************
[2012-05-18 08:47:26.299]          Your license is about to EXPIRE!
[2012-05-18 08:47:26.300] *************************************************************
[2012-05-18 08:47:26.300] 
[2012-05-18 08:47:26.301]  This license will expire in 27 days and JRebel will
[2012-05-18 08:47:26.301]  stop working after that. Renew your license at:

[2012-05-18 08:47:26.301]     http://sales.zeroturnaround.com/?1339695415
[2012-05-18 08:47:26.302] JRebel is running with the following internal licensing configuration:
[2012-05-18 08:47:26.302]     License valid? true
[2012-05-18 08:47:26.302]     License flags: [none]
[2012-05-18 08:47:26.303]     License type: LIMITED

unfortunately JRebel isn't working cause when I change code and refresh browser nothing happens...

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Do you setart it from "Run with JRebel" button or from normal "Run" button?

You have to logging enabled - send the logs to support and tell which class did you try to change

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I've added jrebel log. I'm clicking in "run with jrebel" button –  brevleq May 18 '12 at 11:56
you better enable jrebel logging and send jrebel.log file to support - they will find the problem faster using the log –  Anton Arhipov May 19 '12 at 9:53
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I removed maven plugin and added this rebel.xml in the resources folder of my web application:

    <dir name="/home/hudson/projetos/ERP-HM/modulos-web/erp-web/target/erp-web-0.1.0/WEB-INF/classes/">
        <include name="com/hrgi/**"/>
    <jarset dir="/home/hudson/projetos/ERP-HM/modulos-web/erp-web/target/erp-web-0.1.0/WEB-INF/lib">
        <include name="gerador-relatorios*.jar"/>
        <include name="assinador-nfe*.jar"/>
        <include name="compositor-nfe*.jar"/>
        <include name="importador-nfe*.jar"/>
        <include name="marshaller-nfe*.jar"/>
        <include name="banco-web*.jar"/>
        <include name="cadastro-web*.jar"/>
        <include name="componentes-web*.jar"/>
        <include name="configuracao-web*.jar"/>
        <include name="estoque-web*.jar"/>
        <include name="pagamento-recebimento-web*.jar"/>
        <include name="seguranca-web*.jar"/>
        <include name="venda-web*.jar"/>
        <include name="persistencia-banco*.jar"/>
        <include name="persistencia-cadastro*.jar"/>
        <include name="persistencia-erp*.jar"/>
        <include name="persistencia-estoque*.jar"/>
        <include name="persistencia-nfe*.jar"/>
        <include name="persistencia-pagamento-recebimento*.jar"/>
        <include name="persistencia-utilidades*.jar"/>
        <include name="persistencia-venda*.jar"/>
        <include name="utilidades*.jar"/>

    <link target="/">
        <dir name="/home/hudson/projetos/ERP-HM/modulos-web/erp-web/target/erp-web-0.1.0"/>

The jars included here are part of the complete maven project. Now JRebel is working fine...

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