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I am trying to create a jqGrid using the result of a jQuery selection from an XML string.

I have a page that loads a large XML response (SOAP). I would like to save the initial response and dynamically use portions of the response in different jqGrid tables. When I search for the portion of the XML using jQuery, I get the correct portion of the response for the table, but I am stuck at the point of building a table from the jQuery result object. The loatTabTrip function below works fine with a raw string of XML given as the travelXml argument, but it does not work with the jQuery result. (So if I could get the jQuery object as a string of XML, that would work; or if jqGrid would accept the object.)

Any ideas?


function loadTabTrip(travelXml){
        datastr: travelXml, 
            {name:"id",index:"id", width:380, align:"right",xmlmap:">TripKey>TripId"},
            {name:"type",index:"type", width:80, xmlmap:">Aircraft>AircraftModelCode"}
        xmlReader: {
            root : "Travel>Trips",
            row: ">Trip>AircraftTrip",
            repeatitems: false,
            id: ">TripKey>TripId"
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You can use the jQuery .get method to retrieve the underlying DOM element - or in this case, the XML element.

From there, you can use the function from Convert xml to string with jQuery to convert that XML object into a string:

datastr: xmlToString( travelXml.get(0) )

Does that help?

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Thanks, Justin! I had tried .get() and xmlToString() but I did not understand how jQuery works enough to put those two together correctly. –  jcadcell May 16 '12 at 13:20

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