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In an active admin show page, I've got two panels, the first being the primary record, the second being associated info (by has_many) so show looks like this:

panel "Max Amount" do
  table_for user.max_amount do
    column 'Amount', :amount
    column 'time', :updated_at

Can i sort this high-to-low (or low-to-high) on the amount column?

Update: I found the source for the demo ( https://github.com/gregbell/demo.activeadmin.info/blob/master/app/admin/users.rb ) which seems to have sorting but when you go to the actual demo site it's not working. Is this feature perhaps broken? Is there a work-around?

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The only way I found to do it was a bit hacky. ActiveAdmin will pass in the column name and asc/desc via the params hash, then you can add that to your query.

Also, make sure to pass "sortable: true" into the table_for call.

panel "P&L" do
  table_for Quote.order(params[:order].gsub('_', ' ')), sortable: true do
    column("Revenue", sortable: :revenue) { |quote| number_to_currency quote.revenue }
    column("Profit", sortable: :profit)  { |quote| number_to_currency quote.profit  }
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Great solution, sadly the sortable: true option didn't take affect for me on a show pages of an active admin resouce. Although I do see it in the source code and it should work. –  yagudaev Oct 2 '14 at 20:25
oh nvm, it works great. I just forgot the sortable: :column_name in my case. –  yagudaev Oct 2 '14 at 21:36

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