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I'm trying to follow a tutorial here:

which deals with developing an AirKinect application in Flash Builder 4.6, which I've installed. But when I follow the steps, a bunch of menu commands that the tutorial accesses are not available to me. I'm developing an Actionscript project. When I go to the project properties, and click the actionscript build path from the left, in the video there are 3 tabs - source path tab, library tab, and native extensions tab, but I don't see native extensions tab. Furthermore, on the left, he has a menu called Actionscript build packaging - I do not have this. Lastly, he uses a command stage.nativeWindow.visible = false - when I use that it says it is an undefined property. I think that all of these issues have to do some how with the matter of native applications in flash builder, but I'm not sure. Anyone know what's going on?

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You've probably started your project with the wrong settings. When you create a new ActionScript Project in Flash Builder 4.6, you can choose how it will run: in a browser or using AIR:

New ActionScript Project dialog

You should select the button "Desktop (runs in Adobe AIR)" under 'Application Type'. Then you will also see that native extensions tab in your project properties.

I don't know how to change an existing project into an AIR Desktop project but it should not be too difficult to create a new one and move your existing code into it.

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