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Starting working with phonegap on a mac (Xcode 4, building an iphone application) I've read a lot about a file called phonegap.plist, including whitelisting of external Urls and something else.

This is my question, I can not find such a file in the phonegap-project in my xcode 4 project. There is a file named by cordova.plist, and a file project-name.plist (where project-name indicates the real name of the project). But there is no file with the name called phonegap.plist.

I tried the search of Xcode, i tried find / -iname 'phonegap.plist'

Where is my error in reasoning?

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PhoneGap.plist has been renamed Cordova.plist.

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thanks a lot simon! –  itinance May 16 '12 at 7:40
If that's missing, try config.xml –  quantumpotato Mar 2 '13 at 22:12
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Since PhoneGap upgraded, the Cordova.plist file was discontinued and is instead config.xml.

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Yes, try config.xml you can find the plugins there..

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