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I want to duplicate this functionality:

curl -d "user=username&passwd=passwd&api_type=json" http://www.reddit.com/api/login/username

I have run across at least 3 libraries that offer this functionality in a roundabout way: http-conduit, network-http and curl. What library is the standard for making http requests and how would I use it to make this post request?

I should specify that I want to read the response too.

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The standard library is HTTP. It is shipped with the Haskell Platform.

The HTTP package supports client-side web programming in Haskell. It lets you set up HTTP connections, transmitting requests and processing the responses coming back, all from within the comforts of Haskell. It's dependent on the network package to operate, but other than that, the implementation is all written in Haskell.

A basic API for issuing single HTTP requests + receiving responses is provided. On top of that, a session-level abstraction is also on offer (the BrowserAction monad); it taking care of handling the management of persistent connections, proxies, state (cookies) and authentication credentials required to handle multi-step interactions with a web server.

The representation of the bytes flowing across is extensible via the use of a type class, letting you pick the representation of requests and responses that best fits your use. Some pre-packaged, common instances are provided for you (ByteString, String.)

If the HTTP package is not suitable for one reason or another, there are many packages on Hackage, as you point out, including a direct curl binding, various high level bindings, and bindings that focus on performance.

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