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Let me give you some background information to help express my question clearly.

As part of my PhD thesis I am developing and evaluating tracking algorithms for some special purpose imaging system. I have recorded an image sequence (a sequence of images in a single folder), and implemented some tracking algorithms. I can visually run the algorithms and see the tracking performance. However, in order to come up with some quantitative performance metrics, I need to mark the ground truth information on each frame. I mean, for each image in the sequence I need to tell which polygon corresponds to which object/track. There are a few thousand images in the sequence that I recorded, and ground truth need to be marked manually for each image. So a good annotation tool is necessary for speeding up the process.

Hence I need an image sequence annotation tool with the following capabilities for marking ground truth data:

  • polygon type annotation is needed (rectangular annotation is not enough)
  • multiple objects/track marking per image is needed
  • annotation output needs to be saved in a programmatically readable format (XML, etc.)
  • moving between prev-next images in the sequence should be possible
  • it should be possible to edit a previously marked annotation
  • when moving to next frame, the last entered annotation should be placed on top of the frame for speeding up the annotation process (Nice to have)

Is there any available tool with such capability? Not a big deal actually, but if there is such a tool already available, I could save a few days for more relevant work.

Thanks in advance...

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I was posing the same problem and I found two tools from some extent fulfilling your requirements. Both tools are written in Python and so should be easy to modify.


enter image description here


enter image description here

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This tool may help. It is somewhat relevant with your objective. It seems as outdated but it may work as you desire


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Thanks for the suggestion, it can help evaluate the performance of the algorithms. However, Viper does not include a tool which can be used for ground truth marking. – Hakan Serce May 18 '12 at 20:15

Have a look at this tool

Ratsnake annotation tool:

It currently supports:

-Fast segmentation and annotation of images with polygons, grids as well as splines.
-Efficient semi-automatic annotation of images and image sequences.
-Ontology-based image annotation
-Annotation of web content.
-Image annotations for the semantic web
-Transformation of binary image masks to polygon annotations.
-Compatibility with the well known LabelMe annotation tool.
-Exporting annotations to various formats (custom text, owl, LabelMe XML).
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Although there is no tool that satisfy the requirements stated in the question, the following tools look promising. Also the source codes for these tools are available, which makes them good alternatives as a starting point, rather than starting from scratch.

  • GAT, Graphical Annotation Tool: This is a Java tool, which can be used for annotating image sequences. Uses ontology xmls for specifying the marked objects. Currently limited with rectangular annotations.
  • BilVideo-7: This is a OpenCV based tool for annotating video in compliance with MPEG-7 standard.
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