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How can I set the logging levels of OpenEJB components running inside TomEE? I want to see the debug logging statements from the source code of org.apache.openejb.config.AutoConfig.

I tried modifying conf/logging.properties and adding a logging.properties file in WEB-INF\classes of my WAR but I can't find the right combination and I'm not even sure these are the right files to modify/create.


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Thanks for the edit DataNucleus. I wanted to ask a different question at first involving JPA and forgot to remove the tag! –  bernie May 16 '12 at 13:48

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to conf/logging.properties

This doesn't work when launching the server from Eclipse for some reason.

To make it work in Eclipse, add this to the server's launch configuration:

 -Djava.util.logging.config.file="<put catalina.base path here>/conf/logging.properties"

Source: http://wiki.eclipse.org/WTP_Tomcat_FAQ#How_do_I_enable_the_JULI_logging_in_a_Tomcat_5.5_Server_instance.3F

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