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I have a database of users who signed up for my web application over the past few months.

Now I would like to use Mailchimp to send them newsletters. Can I just add their email addresses to a distribution list and start sending them newsletters or, before that, will Mailchimp send them an email asking them whether they want to be added to my distribution list?


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AFAIK, MailChimp supports both single and double optin lists, and will only send out a double optin confirmation email when a user signs up through a mailchimp form (or API). If you import a list then it's assumed the users have already opted in and no welcome email is sent.

They do watch unsubscribe / complaint rates very closely though so is important to make sure your list is clean otherwise your account can get closed. If you are setting up a new account just for this guess it isn't too much of a worry but could be if it is an existing account.

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I tried this once before with less than satisfactory results.

I had a database of around 2,000 users and added them all to a Mailchimp list. Mailchimp provides the ability for users to report spam, and their tolerance is incredibly strict. I think I had maybe 4-5 accounts report my message as spam (out of 2,000+), and Mailchimp immediately suspended my account.

I was able to get it re-activated after promising to implement an opt-in mechanism. The problem was, I used to actually have an opt-in mechanism where you had to check a box saying you wanted to be added to a mailing list, however out of several hundred users, I never once had anyone check that box. When I made it checked by default, I never had anyone uncheck it. So I just figured no one cared.

Mailchimp does have an API, so it's possible to integrate your user database with Mailchimp and provide a UI mechanism for people to subscribe and unsubscribe to newsletters.

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maybe you were using their free plan, that's why it wasn't easy to get your account re-activated. – dan May 15 '12 at 22:15
Yea, I haven't sent out bulk email since. If I do again in the future, I'll have to re-visit this issue. One thing they also said is that I should actively be sending out emails more often. If you sign up for a website, then 6mon later they send you an email, by then you probably completely forgot about that site and just report it as spam. – Mike Christensen May 15 '12 at 22:20

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