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Possible Duplicate:
extending from two classes

I'm currently trying to make a simple Mod for Minecraft and I basically need this code:

(I don't want to edit many classes because I want my mod to be compatible with many other mods.)

public class EntityModPlayer extends EntityPlayer, EntityCreature
    fishHook = new EntityFishHook(this /* has to be EntityPlayer */);
    tasks.addTask(0, new EntityAISwimming(this /* has to be EntityCreature */));

But you can't extend more than one class...

The new EntityFishHook* wants a EntityPlayer and not a EntityModPlayer as param but the new EntityAISwimming method wants me to use an instance of EntityCreature as param. So I need to "extend" EntityPlayer AND EntityCreature and can't just copy EntityPlayer and paste it as EntityModPlayer.

I already played around with Interfaces but I think this is something different so I can't use this like "extends".

Sorry @ everybody who doesn't know Minecraft or can't understand my english... (I'm german.)

Any ideas where I don't have to change many / important classes like EntityTasks (because this would make my mod incompatible with other mods if they are editing the same class)?

*The method new EntityFishHook (EntityPlayer) does not really exist in Minecraft. I just used this as an example to explain it better. I hope you understood what I tried to explain, I'm sure it's not easy :/

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Just make instance variables that are of type EntityPlayer and EntityCreature, and pass them to the constructors. – eboix May 15 '12 at 22:24
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The correct idiom for Java ( and other single inheritance languages ) is to have two interfaces. EntityPlayer and EntityCreature then you combine them into a single class that Implements each of the interfaces.

Another approach is to use the Composite Pattern to create a single class that has all the methods from each Class and have that class delegate each of the methods to instances of each of the internal classes owned by the single class that combines the interfaces. This works if the client code doesn't expect either of the interfaces at a language level or with a duck typing language like Python.

You can combine both approaches two interfaces with the Composite Pattern and have the Composite object delegate to individual implementations of each Interface, this would enable easy dependency injection; making your code more flexible using something like Google Guice.

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Thank you! Works! :) – user1363904 May 15 '12 at 23:05

You can try to make one of your super classes to extend the other.. Then you can reach methods from both classes!

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