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I'm looking for a third-party Oracle Data Provider for .Net (ADO.NET) with a full support of Oracle object types (like geometries). I was foolish enough to use ODP.NET and now I'm paying the price - it's incredibly buggy and I just reached the end of the line (keep crashing IIS Pool - known issue, no resolution). I found dotConnect which is fine, just 4 times slower with object types than ODP.NET. Are any others providers which support Oracle objects?

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Are you aware of the Oracle-published provider ? this dll ships with the Oracle CLient, and is named Oracle.DataAccess.dll. The version I am using is ver, and is dtd 2/11/2008.

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This will be deprecated in the next version of C# – jle Jun 30 '09 at 0:02
Hi Charles, I've checked this file, still its ODP driver (your is actually from version 10.2.4 - no support for objects). 11g Client supports objects, but it's already given me such a headache - pooling failing, metadata cache broken, and now these problems in IIS - nightmare. – Karol Kolenda Jun 30 '09 at 0:26
Microsoft's System.Data.OracleClient will go out of support, not the ODP.Net from Oracle. – fredlegrain May 23 '11 at 11:53

As I'm looking into working with Oracle database from C#, here is what I can say as an update to this question.

These are the alternatives:

  • Microsoft's is part of the .Net framework and requires Oracle Client installed or external dll's (but I think it's not supported anymore)
  • Oracle Data Provider for .Net (ODP.Net), is the offcial .Net provider from Oracle. I think it is part of Oracle Client install.
  • Third party Devart dotConnect for Oracle (follow me).
  • Third party Datadirect ADO.Net provider for Oracle (follow me).

I didn't dig deeper yet, but information is not so easy to find about Oracle connectors, so here is my contribution ;-)

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-1. Old question and all drivers you listed have already been mentioned in the other answers. (dotConnect in the answer, datadirect by Theo, oracle driver by Charles) – jgauffin May 23 '11 at 12:08
Old question, yet still relevant, and because StackOverflow is both a Q&A and a knowledge base : 1/ It was worth an update for those who search for Oracle providers now, in 2011 (regarless the list is the same or not, it's good to know); 2/ One summarized answer is better, IMO, than a list of partial answers. Is that really so bad that it deserves a "-1" ? – fredlegrain Jun 3 '11 at 12:27

There is also this provider: . I don't know whether it supports spatial type mdsys.sdo_geometry.

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Hi Theo, No they don't supporty Oracle object types. I've already contacted them and unfortunatelly only "normal" types are supported. I guess I'll choose dotConnect - a performance hit is a small price to pay for quality. – Karol Kolenda Jun 30 '09 at 13:55

In the last release Telerik OpenAccess introduced a flexible type mapping system which allows developers to easily work with custom DB types/UDTs. It ships with support for Geometric/Geographic data, and it is easy to create your own type converter to tell OpenAccess how to map any custom types you may have. The type converters work for all DBs OA supports, one of which is Oracle. :)

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