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I have seen some Facebook apps that instead of being normal apps with the Canvas iframe, instead redirect the user to the external website instead e.g.


See how the go to app link goes to the website instead, and if you see a post in the timeline or news feed the link that says via Foursquare that shows a popup when you hover it also links directly to the website.

Example of this is also on the Neowin app page:

enter image description here

My question is how do you create this?

As I have created a Facebook page for a product I am building that will be allowing users to post to their timeline etc but won't actually be an app as the site itself is the app rather than being an iframe viewed on Facebook.

It can't be any redirect scripts as the url shown in the browser status bar for the links is the actual website so the links themselves have been modified rather than redirecting the user when they access the canvas page...

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Well I see this as a valid question for facebook.stackoverflow.

Aside from your page, you'll need to create an app in the Facebook Apps Dashboard. In the app settings, just check website and input your URL. Leave the canvas page "App on Facebook" unchecked.

Going to the application, or clicking the link at the bottom of a post will automatically open the website, not the canvas.

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Thank-you for your answer. I've been searching for hours. I can't understand why the original question was closed as unconstructive. To update your answer for 2014. After creating you app, you will need to: 1. go to you app page 2. go to settings 3. click Add Platform button 4. Select website option 5. Enter URL of your website and save –  Annabel Mar 10 '14 at 10:35

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