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The problem to solve:

  1. Imagine I have a domain and corresponding web site at http://my-awesome-site
  2. On this site I have 10,000 pages.
  3. Each page has a Facebook Like button.
  4. How do I retrieve the number of likes per page from the Facebook Graph?

It's possible to look up the total number of likes per URL using a simple GET request (examples: google.com, google.com/reader, news.google.com). But is it possible to get a similar list for an entire domain, broken down by page? Something with results like:

   "id": "http://my-awesome-site/",
   "shares": 12345
   "id": "http://my-awesome-site/page1.html",
   "shares": 5678


   "id": "http://my-awesome-site/page10000.html",
   "shares": 9012
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You can do this also via facebook graph seperate ids with commas


the result will be a json, shown below

   "http://mashable.com": {
  "id": "http://mashable.com",
  "shares": 14436 
"http://techcrunch.com": {
   "id": "http://techcrunch.com",
  "shares": 2144
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I think that the best you can do is (using the link_stat table):

SELECT url, share_count
FROM link_stat
WHERE url IN ("http://my-awesome-site/", "http://my-awesome-site/page1.html"...)

But if you have 10,000 pages you'll have to break it into multiple requests. You can however use the Batch Requests api to then combine some requests.

That solution should lower the amount of http requests considerably if that is what you're after.

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