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In Aptana, their FTP browser is useful for a few things. One thing I have not figured out how to do is to copy an external file on my computer over to their FTP browser.

I can download files, create new files/directories, but when I drag a file from explorer to the browser, I get the [+] symbol but nothing happens!

Is it possible to do this?

Note: I believe this is programming related because Apatana is an IDE and being able to do this will speed up some of my programming work.

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Can you be a bit more specific?

What do you mean by 'an external file stored on your computer'?

Also, I believe after you drag this file into aptana's file browser/side pane, you have to right click it and select Upload.

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When I drag the file from Windows Explorer into the FTP files pane, the cursor switches to [+] besides the pointer but the file never is copied over to the remote server. –  alex Jun 30 '09 at 0:53
I would place the file you intent to upload into the actual directory Aptana is reading it from. From my experience, aptana allows you to sync with FTP repositories but not actually work from them. Put the file in the folder, refresh aptana's view in the files pane, right-click the file and select Upload. –  Tyler Jul 1 '09 at 3:42

I just tried dragging and dropping files onto the a connection object in the file browser...rather than into a subfolder under it...and that seemed to work. Based on that it seems like for remote connections it only knows what to do if you drop it on the connection object itself.

So in other words in my file browser I have: Project | -Connections | - | subdir | -some_other_subdir

I had to drop it on the IP address.

2 more things: 1) I may have had to hit upload as well. I was doing things too fast and didn't pay attention. 2) I think maybe the reason it wouldn't go into subdirs was permissions related. When I went to copy manually within the remote server itself...I ended up having to use sudo. Haven't dug further. In "get things done" mode right now...

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