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Hello I would need some help with the following code and memory leak.

Error log from this program shows I`m encountring the following leak in my program:

Dr. Memory version 1.4.6 build 2 built on Mar  7 2012 10:14:04
Application cmdline: ""D:\c++\Begin\L_6-8\Debug\L_6-8.exe""
Recorded 62 suppression(s) from default C:\Program Files (x86)\Dr. Memory/bin/suppress-default.txt

Error #1: UNADDRESSABLE ACCESS: reading 0x0077f5a0-0x0077f5a4 4 byte(s)
# 0 Assignment::getID()                              [..//Assignment.h:26]
# 1 AssignmentRepository::searchById()               [D:\c++\Begin\L_6-8\Debug/../AssignmentRepository.cpp:10]
# 2 AssignmentRepository::delByID()                  [D:\c++\Begin\L_6-8\Debug/../AssignmentRepository.cpp:30]
# 3 Catalog::removeAssignment()                      [D:\c++\Begin\L_6-8\Debug/../Catalog.cpp:38]
# 4 _fu63___ZSt4cout                                 [D:\c++\Begin\L_6-8\Debug/../UIconsole.cpp:148]
# 5 UIconsole::runUI()                               [D:\c++\Begin\L_6-8\Debug/../UIconsole.cpp:24]
# 6 Application::run()                               [D:\c++\Begin\L_6-8\Debug/../App.cpp:48]
# 7 main                                             [D:\c++\Begin\L_6-8\Debug/../App.cpp:25]
Note: @0:00:21.491 in thread 6388
Note: refers to 1 byte(s) beyond last valid byte in prior malloc
Note: prev lower malloc:  0x0077f590-0x0077f5a0
Note: instruction: mov    (%eax) -> %eax

Error #2: POSSIBLE LEAK 100 direct bytes 0x0077f5c8-0x0077f62c + 0 indirect bytes
# 0 libstdc++-6.dll!_cxa_allocate_exception
# 1 AssignmentRepository::delByID()               [D:\c++\Begin\L_6-8\Debug/../AssignmentRepository.cpp:36]
# 2 Catalog::removeAssignment()                   [D:\c++\Begin\L_6-8\Debug/../Catalog.cpp:38]
# 3 _fu63___ZSt4cout                              [D:\c++\Begin\L_6-8\Debug/../UIconsole.cpp:148]
# 4 UIconsole::runUI()                            [D:\c++\Begin\L_6-8\Debug/../UIconsole.cpp:24]
# 5 Application::run()                            [D:\c++\Begin\L_6-8\Debug/../App.cpp:48]
# 6 main                                          [D:\c++\Begin\L_6-8\Debug/../App.cpp:25]



      1 unique,     1 total unaddressable access(es)
      0 unique,     0 total uninitialized access(es)
      0 unique,     0 total invalid heap argument(s)
      0 unique,     0 total warning(s)
      0 unique,     0 total,      0 byte(s) of leak(s)
      1 unique,     1 total,    100 byte(s) of possible leak(s)
     89 still-reachable allocation(s)
         (re-run with "-show_reachable" for details)
Details: C:\Users\Warzaru\AppData\Roaming/Dr. Memory/DrMemory-L_6-8.exe.9752.000/results.txt

Considering my function and Repository class were did i do something wrong...

Class Header(full):


#include "Assignment.h"
#include <vector>

class AssignmentRepository{
    vector <Assignment> assignments;
    vector <Assignment> getAll();
    void save(Assignment);
    void delByID(int);
    void editAssignment(Assignment);
    int searchById(int);
    void printAllAssignments();
    Assignment *getAssignment(int i);



Class cpp(part):

int AssignmentRepository::searchById(int a){
for(unsigned i=0; i<assignments.size(); i++){
    if(a == assignments[i].getID()){
        return i;
return 0;

void AssignmentRepository::delByID(int i){
int check;
check = searchById(i);

if(check != 0){
    throw RepoException("ID does not exist in the database!");
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You haven't shown the relevant code, so it's impossible to say... –  Oliver Charlesworth May 15 '12 at 23:53
What else should show you ?:| –  Bogdan M. May 15 '12 at 23:54
Take a look at the top of each stack trace... –  Oliver Charlesworth May 15 '12 at 23:56
added delByID() ... is it that? –  Bogdan M. May 15 '12 at 23:58
You do realize that 0 is a valid return value (first element in the vector), and thus a terrible sentinel error value, right? –  ildjarn May 15 '12 at 23:59

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Theres some exception in this function delByID() or this removeAssignment()

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but why, aren't my functions correct, shouldn't they be working? –  Bogdan M. May 16 '12 at 0:07
the exception states that something went wrong when you tried to allocate something, although you have an exception the program can run as expected. Be sure to delete() your assignments somewhere as your log says: 89 still-reachable allocation(s) –  Joelmob May 16 '12 at 0:19
thank you.... found the problem I didn't deconstruct one pointer in UIconsole. –  Bogdan M. May 16 '12 at 10:29

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