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I am new to REGEX world...

I know that there are lot of regex avail for validating the common URL with http in it.

But I am looking for a regex to validate the URL in the following formats(without HTTP/HTTPS):

  • www.example.com/user/login
  • www.example.com
  • www.exmaple.co.xx
  • www.example.com/user?id=234&name=fname

in case if the URL contains only,

  • www.example(without the domain - .com OR .co.xx)
  • example.com (without "www")

I should throw an error to the user.

any help would be highly appreciated...

Thanks Raj

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Are you only checking one domain? In you example, it would be "example". Or do you want the regex to work with any domain? – StackOverflowNewbie May 16 '12 at 5:03
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This regex will pass your first set, but not match the second set:


In English, this regex requires:

  • starts with www.example.
  • followed by either com or co.xx
  • optionally followed by / then anything

You could be more prescriptive about what can follow the optional slash by replacing (/.*) with (/(user|buy|sell)\?.*) etc

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