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Hello everyone i have a problem I have a text

$text = " some and text http://www.somelink2.com/html5.jpg and some text http://www.somelink.net/test/testjava/html5.html#fbid=QTb-X6fv5p1 some http://www.somelink4.org test and http://www.somelink3.org/link.html text and some text ";

i need to transform all text links http/s exept domains somelink3.org,somelink2.com they must be plain text

Something like this but with domains filter and not extention images:

function livelinked ($text){
        preg_match_all("#((http|https|ftp)://(\S*?\.\S*?))(\s|\;|\)|\]|\[|\{|\}|,|\"|'|:|\<|$|\.\s)|^(jpg)^#ie", $text, $ccs);
        foreach ($ccs[3] as $cc) {
           if (strpos($cc,"jpg")==false  && strpos($cc,"gif")==false && strpos($cc,"png")==false ) {
              $old[] = "http://".$cc;
              $new[] = '<a href="http://'.$cc.'" target="_blank">'.$cc.'</a>';
        return str_replace($old,$new,$text);

edit: this helped me :

$text =  preg_replace("~((?:http|https|ftp)://(?!site.com|site2.com|site3.com)(?:\S*?\.\S*?))(?=\s|\;|\)|\]|\[|\{|\}|,|\"|'|:|\<|$|\.\s)~i",'<a href="$1" target="_blank">$1</a>',$text);  
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You can use a (?!...) negative lookahead assertion for such cases. Simply add (?!somelink3.org|somelink2.com) immediately after the protocol placeholder ://.


Also you shouldn't use preg_match_all in combination with a clumsy str_replace as secondary step. Instead utilize preg_replace_callback and put all the logic in one function.

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thanks a lot , iv gor a succes ,i have some questions: why its not good to use preg match ? and when i post 2 links a got www.domain.com/test-ajax-upload.html" target="_blank">www.domain.com/test-ajax-upload.html www.domain.com/test-ajax-upload.html" target="_blank">www.domain.com/test-ajax-upload.html –  devcline May 16 '12 at 1:34
(1) Because it's clumsy. (2) Because you also match the \s space character. –  mario May 16 '12 at 1:56

You can probably condense it down and use the preg replace all

Raw Regex

(?= [\s;)\]\[{},"':<] | $ | \.\s )

Raw Replacement

<a href="http://$1" target="_blank">$1</a>

Modifiers //xsg

Edit: - So I didn't catch you need to filter domain's. The regex above filters jpg/png/gif files and that is fairly complex as it is. But adding filters might be better handled with a url parser or another regex within a callback.

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