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I am trying to work through Jack Crenshaw's excellent compiler programming tutorial "Let's Build a Compiler" and have bumped into two hurdles. First the code is written in Pascal, a great language for which I have both respect and fondness from a brief exposure to it in the mid 1980s, but which I have not touched since. I currently program mostly in C.

The other hurdle is that the generated assembler is for the Motorola 68000 line of processors. While I may be able to find a translator for it, it would be preferable if I could generate Intel x86 assembler (either Intel or AT&T style).

I can work through the code on Linux, Mac OsX or Windows 7, if it makes anything easier. I have access to all of the named operating systems.

I do not feel fully qualified to do the transcription myself. Has anybody worked this out already, or do you have other suggestions?

Any ideas, feedback or suggestions welcome.

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I wrote a C/x86 conversion of Jack's code. I would read each installment as he released it, convert the code, and post it to Compuserve. I do not know if I still have that stuff. Contact me directly (my email address is in my profile) if you would like me to search through my archives. I make no promises, as that was something more than 20 years ago. – Jim Mischel May 16 '12 at 2:54
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You could run the generated code on a 68K emulator—several of the entries on that page are open-source.

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It might be easier to target the JVM instead of a native processor. as for translating Pascal to C... it'shouldn't be that much of a hurdle really.

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Dragging in complex frameworks is contraproductive. The goal of the tutorial is to provide insight, not be "easy". – Marco van de Voort May 16 '12 at 17:57

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