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Getting closer if anyone is interested c5 Filebrowser is looking pretty cool if I can get it all to work!

I’ve got the “Browse” button to appear on the TimyMCE > Insert/Edit Image popup to appear by adding the following to the tinymce_jquery_full.cshtml file

function myFileBrowser (field_name, url, type, win) {

var cmsURL = "../../Filemanager/index.html"

    file : cmsURL,
    title : 'Browser',
    width : 800,  // Your dimensions may differ - toy around with them!
    height : 500,
    resizable : "yes",
    inline : "yes",  // This parameter only has an effect if you use the inlinepopups plugin!
    close_previous : "no"
}, {
    window : win,
    input : field_name
return false;


file_browser_callback : 'myFileBrowser',

Just add it all inside the main

<script type="text/javascript"> tag

and it works fine

With this button c5 Filebrowser opens and I can play with it as normal.

What I can tell is that c5 filebrowser is set up to work with CKEditor and not TimyMCE so this is where I am having trouble

I then followed the following instructions at this link:


Which shows me how to get the 'Select' buttons to show in Filemanager and some other info that doesn't work for me.

If I add the recommended code:

var selectItem = function (data) {
    var p = data['Path'];
    $('#field_name', window.opener.document).val(p);

To filemanager.js, I can get alert(p); to work, it gives me the URL sting to the image i'm after, but the window wont close let alone the value of 'p' posting back to the TinyMCE popups field.

So I now have two javascript popups open one on top of the other, but on Select of image in Filemanager, I need filemanger to close and the value of 'p' to be passed back to 'scr' field of TimyMCE's "Insert/Edit Image" popup form.

Tough to explain!

Calling all Javascript wizards for help?

Original Post Below

Does anyone know of a tutorial on how to integrate c5 Filemanager (http://forum.filemanager.corefive.com/#home) and TinyMCE, I’ve done some searching but I can’t find much! I’d like to add a browse button to the Insert/Edit image popup on TinyMCE that would then open filemanager and populate on click the image URL field with the images URL?

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Done, it’s all here at the TinyMCE site:


I just didn’t look far enough down the page, I guess because I was surprised that TinyMCE would give so much help on the issue.

var selectItem = function(data){
    var url = relPath + data['Path'];

        // use TinyMCE > 3.0 integration method
        var win = tinyMCEPopup.getWindowArg("window");
        win.document.getElementById(tinyMCEPopup.getWindowArg("input")).value = url;
        if (typeof(win.ImageDialog) != "undefined") {
            // Update image dimensions
            if (win.ImageDialog.getImageData)

            // Preview if necessary
            if (win.ImageDialog.showPreviewImage)

The code is already there in filemanager.js, you just have to remove all the if(window.opener){ code and it all works perfectly!

For all the guys at c5 filemanager and TinyMCE, love your work!

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