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Is there a trick to get "Drop To Frame" to work with Android? The option is inactive for me.

enter image description here

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I hope it is possible, but I don't think so.

Other nice functionalities like "All instances...", "Instance count" and watchpoints (stop debug on variable access/modification) are also unavailable. I think it is because DalvikVM does not support this functions.

From eclipse documentation about Drop to frame:

Note this command is only available if the current VM supports drop to frame and the selected stackframe is not the top frame or a frame in a native method.

Similar note can be found on page describing All instances:

This command is only available if the Java virtual machine you are currently using supports instance retrieval.

See my answer to my own similar question here.

Maybe there is an option to enable this functions on Dalvik.


It may be a of little value, but if you use unit tests (using JUnit or Robolectric) than all those functions are available (since run on native JVM I think) and very helpful.


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From here i got the following comment

The action only enables when the program you are debugging supports the operation. For example, the Java debugger supports the operation when debugging on a VM that supports it (1.4.x or higher), and there are no native methods on the call stack above the point you want to drop to.

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