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I followed this post to install nginx and use it to serve another django app on webfaction- I had started nginx using sbin/nginx as mentioned in the post. I closed that ssh session, so server kept running. I now want to restart and to my utter frustration can't figure out how. Furthermore, I can't see any relevant logs, I checked /home/logs/user and /home/logs/frontend and nginx/logs and there are older files in there but nothing that seems continuously updating (my website is running and some actions are not working and I get 'page unavailable' error but none of these logs show anything. I have tried ps -ef | grep nginx to figure out nginx pid and restart but when I try to kill one of the nginx processes, it says permission denied.

sbin/nginx stop or start or restart doesn't work. It must be sounding pretty silly but have tried for hours now, would appreciate any help.

Also, tried the following-

[xxx@xxx nginx]$ sbin/nginx -s quit 
nginx: [error] open() "/home/xxx/webapps/nginx/logs/" failed (2: No such file or directory) 
[xxx@xxx nginx]$ sbin/nginx -s reload 
nginx: [error] open() "/home/xxx/webapps/nginx/logs/" failed (2: No such file or directory)
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never mind, my app was running through gunicorn and not using nginx – Eternity May 16 '12 at 3:17

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Restart nginx service in webfaction servers

[xxx@xxx nginx]$ sbin/nginx -p /home/xxx/webapps/myapp/nginx/ -s reload
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cd /home/xxx/webapps/redmine/nginx && sbin/nginx -p /home/xxx/webapps/redmine/nginx/ -s reload – romuloigor Nov 5 '12 at 18:51

I just do

$ cd ~/weapps/my-app-name
$ ./bin/restart

I also have this as a step in my capistrano (or mina) deployment scripts.

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To restart nginx from any directory on webfaction:

$ $HOME/webapps/[app_name]/nginx/sbin/nginx -p $HOME/webapps/[app_name]/nginx/ -s reload
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